Go Wild Photography was created by me, Kyle Doherty, in an attempt to make information on the natural world more accessible to people. I have been an avid photographer, naturalist, and outdoorsman since I was a child. At five years old, I received his first Analog Pentax camera, which one of Father's first cameras. I still remember the day I got it; my Dad was showing me old pictures that he had taken in his youth, and I was amazed by a picture of the moon he had taken. I asked if I could take pictures, and my Dad took me outside, and I got my first picture of the moon. Days later, after I used the rest of the film and we had developed them, I realized I had taken a terrible picture, but I didn't give up and kept trying.

My love for animals and the outdoors came from obsessing over Wild America, David Attenborough, and National Geographic documentaries. I think I had every nature documentary National Geographic made on VHS. I remember when I was around 11 or 12, I got in trouble for sneaking out of my room to watch my new Life of Mammals DVD series even though it was a school night. I was so excited I tried it three more times that night before they were taken away from me.

My entire life, I've wanted to be one thing, a wildlife photographer and videographer. I have studied photography, film, and Biology in St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver over my lifetime, and I still sign up for new programs quite frequently as I never want to stop learning or feel like I know everything. Everyone I meet, from a master in their field to college students just starting, ends up teaching me something that I don't know, whether that be about my skill, nature, or just life in general. I've worked in photography, filmmaking, and printing business for over ten years now and plan to bring my extensive knowledge to this company.

I utilize state of the art technology and brand new camera techniques to bring you images that have never before been seen. While wildlife photography is in the name, I also focus on landscape photography, large format HDR panoramas, aerial photography, astrophotography, underwater photography, and adventure photography. I spend an extensive amount of time in the Post Production once I capture the images that we need. When the image is ready for print, we use archival inks to print to the most excellent inkjet metallic paper available. Prints are available to purchase or if you prefer we have four premium mounts to choose from

Acrylic Glass - Bamboo - Aluminum Dibond - Canvas

I consider the creation of these products to be an art form in itself, and we only use the highest quality materials and intricate processes available. You will receive an authentic gallery quality piece of art.

We all know due to climate change, habitat loss, deforestation, pollution, and more, we are losing our wild places and creatures at an alarming rate. Places that I visited as a child have ceased to exist today, and I want to make sure they're still around for my nephews, nieces, children, and grandchildren in the future. That's why one of my biggest focuses will not just be about photography, but conservation education and outreach. I hope I'll show you something you've never seen before or teach a little bit about our natural world. I'm so proud of our Give Wild program where 10% of every sale I make goes straight to one of our partner conservationist charities.

Thank you all for your love and support. We're all in this together, and none of us can do it alone.

-Kyle Z Doherty